Kota Iguchi

Motion Designer /
Creative Director

Born in 1984, based in NY and Tokyo Japan. While studying at Musashino Art University, he founded TYMOTE in 2008.
And he founded the creative association “CEKAI” in 2013.
He specializes in motion graphics and works as a video director and team-building creative director.
In 2020, he developed the first ever “Tokyo 2020 Kinetic Sport Pictograms” for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Also participated in the opening ceremony as Video Director, and produced the 3D animation for the drone production of the event.
In 2021, he created the 3D OOH for NIKE AirMax Day 2022, a large-scale outdoor advertisement.
He has received numerous awards including the Tokyo TDC Award, D&AD Yellow Pencil, AICP Award, and NY ADC Award.
A guest professor at Kyoto University of the Arts and Musashino Art University.

井口 皓太

映像デザイナー /

2020年にはオリンピック・パラリンピック大会史上初となる「東京2020 動くスポーツピクトグラム」の制作を担当。開会式典ではVideo Directorとして参画し、同大会のドローン演出3Dアニメーションも制作している。
また大型屋外広告として話題となった3D OOH for NIKE AirMax DAY 2022を制作。
主な受賞歴に東京TDC賞、D&AD Yellow pencil、NY ADC賞、AICP SHOW Design、AICP POST AWARDS Motion Design and Graphics受賞など。京都芸術大学客員教授、武蔵野美術大学非常勤講師。

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